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Good tires make for a comfortable, safe, and efficient drive.

Your tires are the only contact between you and the road. Properly maintained tires improve the steering, stopping, traction, fuel efficiency, and load-carrying capability of your vehicle. At Excellent Auto Care & Tire, we provide an excellent variety of tire choices and services that make for a better ride.



Unbalanced tires can cause vibration or shaking of the vehicle when the tire rotates, resulting in an unsafe ride and causing additional stress on your vehicle. Using precision, state of the art equipment, EAC can correct these imbalances, prolonging the life of your tires and improving the safety of their operation.


For proper operation, the angles of your wheels need to be positioned correctly relative to your vehicle’s frame. Utilizing best-in-class Hunter Equipment, EAC analyzes and corrects your alignment, maximizing the life of your tires and keeping your vehicle driving smooth and straight.


Regular tire rotation can reduce irregular wear and extend the life of your tires. As part of your regularly schedule maintenance, EAC can rotate your tires in accordance with your manufacturer’s recommendations.

Tire Repair

Tires with small punctures through the tread can often be repaired using a plug for the hole and a patch for the area inside the tire that surrounds the puncture hole. Tires with large tread punctures, or punctures through the sidewall, should be replaced.


We feature Cooper Tires, and sell top-of-the-line tires for every vehicle and budget from trusted brands including Continental and General Tire. Check for specials!